Linguistic Geometry for Intelligent Warfighting

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Boris Stilman
University of Colorado Denver, USA
STILMAN Advanced Strategies, USA

Linguistic Geometry (LG) is a type of theory for solving abstract board games (ABG). LG represents ABG as a hierarchy of formal languages (with controlled semantics) that change when the game moves from one state to the next. LG allows us to avoid combinatorial explosion by changing the paradigm from search to construction (from analysis to synthesis). It is scalable to solving complex real world problems that are considered intractable by conventional approaches. Modern applications of LG, related to the US national defense, generate, in real time, courses of action that are highly creative and even exceed the level of those developed by human commanders. Currently, U.S. Army, Navy and Missile Defense are adopting the LG software to a wide spectrum of defense systems around the world.

In the first part of my talk, I will review some of the LG applications. In particular, this review includes major experiments with the LG-RAID software developed for DARPA and US Army. LG-RAID generated in real time 4-hour predictive courses of action for the urban combat (in Baghdad). The efficacy and sophistication of these courses of action exceeded consistently those developed by the staff members. In a sense, LG-RAID passed an informal Turing Test. I will also establish link between LG and the legendary ancient battles of Alexander the Great and Hannibal. Moreover, I will introduce the hypothesis that LG is one the ancient algorithms based directly on the Primary Language of the human brain crucial for development of human intelligence. The second part of my talk will cover historical development of LG, from development of the chess program PIONEER to the foundation of STILMAN Advanced Strategies. I will introduce participants to the results in solving chess endgames and positions and to the elements of the theory of LG with the focus on the hierarchy of pictorial constructs, a trajectory, a zone, and a translation, represented as a hierarchy of formal languages.

More details can be found in the brochure "Linguistic Geometry Tools: LG-PACKAGE" and in the 8 movies (recorded software demos) downloadable from the STILMAN's web site:
go to Demos. Unfortunately, these demos are out of date while the new demos could not be posted on the web due to security constraints.

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More comprehensive list of publications (including conference and older ones) as well as detailed chronology of development of the defense applications of LG can be found in my Resume.

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